Who is this bitch?

Faux Ma 

I was raised by two Irish micks from the Bronx.  I have 3 siblings who are far more polite than I could ever hope to be.  My parents did an awesome and horrible job raising me, so I turned out to be a great Mom, an average wife, a cool friend, and a total asshole.  I am married to a musician, which automatically makes me a masochist.  I gave birth to a stand-up comedian, named Griffith 2.5 years ago, and we just had another little cutie-pie named Savannah Pearl this past July.  I started this blog in September, after feeling overwhelmed with hatred for humanity because I was hormonally imbalanced.  My hormones are starting to balance back to normal, but I still have plenty to say. I just started a job as a Barista because I needed some cash to help start up my Natural Skincare line, Happy Mermaid Skincare. I have a non-profit art organization I started in 2009 called Unleash HeART, its an art therapy program for kids, I do it on and off at local schools from time to time. I studied photography in College but I seriously resent digital photos, so I mainly just do paintings, and mixed media artwork. I’ll also be trying out some stand up comedy soon thanks to the encouragement of my twitter fans, and I wouldn’t mind becoming a famous musician as well. What I’m trying to say is, I think God inserted 5-10 different identities into my brain when I was born and I’m just letting them all be themselves within me at the same time. He must have realized how easily I get bored and decided to program me with backup plans. Thanks a lot fucker, I’m kinda confused down here.

Well, anyways. Enjoy reading. And fasten your seatbelts.


3 thoughts on “Who is this bitch?

  1. Hola my dearie! I’m just starting my blog, and figured what day is better than Hallofuckinween to start. It is sort of my “birthday resolution” to commit to something like my blog and see how it works out. I like ur set-up on here! It is great! Peace and Chicken Grease! ~M~ @ChangeInMyBoobs 😉

    • Yeah, I really need to work on being more Jewishy. My landlord and my children keep begging for me to grow my inner Jew. It’s time.

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