How to Parent

I hate guns.  I think they are really scary and stupid.  So we don’t buy toy guns for our almost 3 year old, and we discourage him from shooting lasers out of his finger pistol.  I feel like “no fun” when I do that, and I’m wondering if discouraging it will just make him more curious about guns as he gets older.  That’s how it works, right?  Your parents forbid you to do something, so you do it.  Your parents encourage you to do something, so you don’t.

So maybe I should just say, “Griffith, Shoot guns for Mommy. Lets shoot guns and lasers and play war, and cops and robbers all day!”  Maybe he will begin to get bored of it, and start thinking it is really uncool to do that violent stuff because I told him too.  And maybe when he is a teenager, I should say, “Griffith, go out and have a bunch of unprotected sex with your girlfriend, get AIDS, get her knocked up, and ruin your life!”  While I’m at it, I could say, “Griffith! Drop out of High School, Don’t go to college, and become a drug dealer!  Drug dealers make a lot of money, way more than most people.  You may end up dead or a junkie, but at least you will be rich!”  Then I might as well also say, “Griffith! Drive Drunk! It is really cool, and it makes everything easier than calling a cab.  You might die or go to prison for life for killing a baby, but hey, its worth not having to find your car the next day. I do it all the time.”

We also are raising him vegetarian, and he is not allowed to eat butter or drink regular milk unless it is super organic.  This is more my Husband’s hang up.  But I don’t have a problem with it, and I drank my Husband’s veggie kool aid a long time ago, so I follow through with those rules.  We also rarely let him have dessert, and we never allow him to have candy.  Not even on Halloween.  We had him trade his pumpkin of candy for toys, which he loved.  I actually think that is a pretty cool tradition.  Toys are way better than candy.  Then we just trashed the candy.  But with all of these strict rules, I am afraid he will freak out when he gets to be a teenager, and overcompensate for what he missed out on by becoming a super carnivore who is obsessed with meat and a sweet tooth who is obsessed with candy.  Maybe he will get really into understanding the difference between eating healthy and eating like a regular American, like we hope, but I don’t know.  Its that whole rebellion thing I worry about.  So maybe we should say to him when he goes over to friend’s houses, “Griffith!  Make sure to fill up on meat and sugar when you are out of the house since you never get it at home.  You may end up sick, and fat, but at least you got the thrill.”

Not sure what is more effective.  Maybe using educational humor like this will help, but who knows, it could also fuck him up and make him resent us. I have tons of books on parenting, and they all seem to have conflicting advice and tips.

I guess this is what being a Parent is all about.  Trying your best, but not knowing for sure if anything you are doing is right. I guess for now I will just stick with the same routine of, “My house, my rules.” and “I’m the adult, you are the child” minus the sick jokes. I haven’t mentioned my Baby girl in here because all she does is look cute, giggle, breast feed, poop, and sleep.  Man, are babies easy.  Its when they get older that things start getting tricky.



3 thoughts on “How to Parent

  1. On this topic is the first difference between the two of us. My kids have been raised around guns, and taught the responsibility and proper storage and usage. All guns are locked away in cabinets where they’re safe, as well as trigger locked with the safety on. My kids do NOT hunt, neither does my husband. We are strong advocates against animal cruelty. Our kids do not shoot unless they’re extremely closely supervised by my Marine Corps husband who shoots at the Sniper level. The fact that my kids know how to use the guns, and they’re locked away causes their interest in the guns to be just another thing. They’re not fascinated by them or anything what so ever. As far as their diets, they don’t eat crap because they both are VERY active in Basketball and Track. My kids will also have it drilled into their heads, like was drilled into my and my husbands that if they are at a party and drink to NOT drive. They are to call one of us, they won’t get in trouble. If they drink and drive Ill kill them because I’d rather my child be alive than try to stay out of trouble. Call their MOMMA DAMNIT. Damn this is another long comment! Muuuuaaahhh! Xoxo Peace and Pommegranites~M~ 🙂

  2. Having raised my kids strict vegan (they’re 14 and 10 now) I can totally relate to the last part. Especially the trading halloween candy in for something less repugnant (we traded for organic vegan candy). I also worry that my kids are going to rebel and I’ll someday walk in on them eating a big mac, but we’ve tried to show them that we may be crazy, but we’ve based our crazy on actual scientific research that shows the better the food you eat, the better your health will be and that most farm animals are treated pretty terribly. They’ll probably ‘experiment’ with dairy when they grow up and move out, but, they’ll never eat an animal. They think that’s totally disgusting and not nice. So maybe I’ll walk in on them slurping down a McFlurry.

    • This is really encouraging to read. I don’t know anyone else that parents like this personally, so I usually just feel like we are the outcasts and that our kids will resent us for that. Nice to know there are other families out there that are putting health first even if that means it is not as tasty. Thanks for reading!

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