Stinky Vaginas

Faux Ma Fans, I wrote my 2nd post in my Happy Mermaid blog about a new product I am creating for smelly pussies. So gals, if you wouldn’t mind taking a second to read it and let me know all about your vagina, I would really appreciate it.

Tuna Be Gone


One thought on “Stinky Vaginas

  1. LMFAO!!!! I will answer your questions, but my cooca doesn’t smell. I bathe a LOT and smelly poonani is nasty. U should also come up with something for dudes with schweddy balls, something like Fresh Balls Powder. I mean if us as women care about our coocas the dudes should care about their cock n balls if they ever expect blow jobs again. 😉 OH and think up something for funky dude feet. That’s a necessity too LMFAO!!!! Thanks Mrz. T~Peace and Carrots~Micheale 😉

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