Try Your Damndest

Dear everybody,

If you read my blog often, you can probably tell that there is not much of a theme on here other than keeping things in the “TMI” category.  You may have noticed the last two posts (Bisquick Light Bulb, and Baby Sex) were a little different than my usual ranting though, that’s because I wrote them about 5 years ago for a “book”.  I wanted to self publish a book back then that was a collection of short stories I wrote about my childhood, and I called it “Try Your Damndest” titled after a saying my Mom repeated almost daily.  I posted some of the stories on Myspace, because myspace was in vogue back then, and I had a pretty supportive fan base in the city I lived in at the time, Little Rock, AR.  Well, as most of my projects turn out, I ran out of steam for it once I realized how expensive it would be to follow through with the publishing,  I kinda forgot about it.  So since I have this blog, and a considerable amount of readers, I decided to give up the book angle and just post them on here.  Basically any story you read that is about my years growing up is one that is from the imaginary book I wrote.  Just wanted to explain that to you, in case you were wondering why I switched gears a bit.

Also, an update on that email I sent to Vice, someone actually got back with me within hours of my sending it.  He was pretty pissed off and had a “Who do you think you are, you asshole?” tone to the email.  To answer that question, I think I am a hormonal young Mom who is struggling to start her own business with no money and a shit fuck ton of challenges and road blocks, and I get damn tired of people suggesting I throw in the entrepreneur towel and work for the Man again.  So when I wrote that email, I was lashing out at him for all the people in my life that keep giving me great ideas for employment.  As loving as it is, I just want people to accept my crazy, impossible plans for world domination with my own brand rather than representing someone else’s.  I know it will work out, just wish everyone around me could have a little more faith despite the fact that I am living in Poverty right now.  Hundreds of successful people stood exactly where I am right now, and they got through it without giving up and switching careers. I can’t wait until I don’t have to make a case for what I am doing anymore and I can just stuff money in people’s mouths that bug me.  Well, I won’t do that, but you know what I mean.

Alright, that’s it for now.  I could use a margarita. : )

– Faux Ma


3 thoughts on “Try Your Damndest

  1. Way to go ~T~ you should NEVER give up your passion for any other assholes ideas. Poverty is common amongst those chasing their dreams. Would you have $$$ and be miserable or have little $ and be passionate about what you’re doing? If you lose your “steam” on projects, you still haven’t found that thing that sparks your “mojo”. You won’t lose steam when you find that thing you’re MEANT to be doing, because it isn’t work. Its living your dream and living pure love of what you’re doing day in and day out. I hope you find the thing that thing that sparks your “Mojo” into hyper-happy-as-fuck-mode!! Much love!!~M~(Micheale)

    • Thanks Micheale! I actually have stumbled on to a new project that I really enjoy and I’m trying to build into a business, I posted about it a few weeks ago, I am starting a natural skincare line. I love making things, and I got really into creating formulas like a little mad scientist in my kitchen. i always get compliments about my skin, so I think other people would really enjoy using the products i make. It takes a lot of money to start it up though, and I got laid off from my art teaching gig and I don’t want to go back to waiting tables so I’m trying to get a different part time gig to fund it. I will keep you all posted about it, I’m really confident it will work out. thanks again for all your support! you are awesome!

      • Hey T! My skin has been an absolute horrible mess lately! I’ve posted pix on Twitter a couple of times! I have always had amazing soft healthy skin, but all of a sudden it has gone haywire! I’m very worried about my skin! I would gladly be a guinea pig if u need one! Hair products would be another amazing way to go. I love skin and hair products that smell amazing, feel amazing, and are natural. You will do amazing, I have faith in you girlly 🙂

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