Baby Sex

In a horribly loud voice my mother says, “Okay, we will be over in 10 minutes!” to my friend’s mother on the phone, which really meant a half an hour. My mom and I were heading over to my “friend” Heidi’s house so I could play with her. I didn’t think that meant I literally had to play with her body. Heidi had a whole other agenda in mind; she invited a boy over to play with us named Steven. We went down to the basement to play; which I thought was odd, because it wasn’t a fun carpeted basement, just a smelly, damp, dusty one.

Steven was mean to me, so was Heidi, they spent the first 10 minutes of our hangout teasing me, and my side-ponytail. Then they segued into a wild porno-fest that made Jenna Jameson look innocent. It was this weird baby humping sex that went on. Steven lied down on a brown box full of photo albums, and Heidi straddled him. He whipped out his baby penis and rubbed it on her baby vagina. It was sick, but fascinating. I had no idea what they were doing. The strangest part about it was Heidi kept turning around in between her strange piggy squeals and moans, and she gave me these looks that burnt a hole thru me. She was hypnotizing me with these strange pornographic gazes, I thought I was becoming a lesbian by eye-lasers. I don’t remember the ride home from Heidi’s that day, I was probably too freaked out.


3 thoughts on “Baby Sex

  1. Oh Mylanta! You didn’t say anything to your Mom about this at all? I mean damn how old was this little “perverse” brat Heidi? My Damn, a tiny prepubescent penis couldn’t do a damn thing. I wonder where Heidi learned this type of behavior? You know if you had told your Mom, it would have resulted in this “friend” of yours most likely getting her ass beaten and her primary school “whoredom” looked into. I bet Heidi has grown up to become a prostitute for crack cash in Compton, and Stephen is a total Drag Queen because of his terribly painful memories of being “raped” by the future “Crack Dom”. This is sad and I feel horrible you saw something like this when you were on a play date. All we as mothers can do is pay attention to our children and hope they are more open with us than we were with our mothers. Peace and Carrots~M~

    • haha! I think i was 51/2 years old. i have more stories i am going to post that i wrote about sexual encounters i had as a kid with other kids, i was a freaking slut in elementary school. i think it is those kids fault for getting me into it. ; )

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