Jesus Is Mad At You

You probably shouldn’t read this if you hate God.  But you should definitely read this if you hate Christians or hypocrisy.

I am a Christian, but I feel weird writing that because I don’t feel like I relate to 90% of the Christians I have met.  Christians, especially here in Texas, love to say, “Give it to God.” when referring to life’s problems.  I agree, that when life hands you a situation that you can not change or affect in many or any way, then yes, you should Give it to God.  But just like Alanis Morrisette’s song “Ironic”, I believe most Christians are misunderstanding the meaning of the words Give it to God, and are actually abusing them.

For instance, some people I know, say that you should give family problems to God.  I believe that the only family problems you should give to him are things that you have exhausted all of your efforts at, with no hope for change.  Like, a Parent that abandons you, and avoids all forms of communication after repeated attempts by you.  I think that is a perfect example of a family problem that you should give to God.  But too often I hear people say, “well, you just gotta give it to God” when referring to a family member with a harmful addiction, a debilitating social disorder, an abusive personality, etc.  That is bullshit.  No!  I will not lay the burden of all of my responsibilities on God until I know I have tried everything.  Why should he have to do ALL of my dirty work?  I read the bible, and I know it says in there that he wants for you to lay your troubles on him.  But it is my belief that he is not saying he wants you to hand all of your bullshit to him without trying to deal with it yourself first.  It is just like when you have a job, and your Supervisor tells you, “Please, bring your problems to me that you are unsure about, that is my Job.”  But they don’t expect you to interpret that as laying all of your job duties on the Supervisor.  They meant, something that you cannot handle.  And they wouldn’t have hired you if they didn’t expect you to be capable of handling most of your duties and daily problems as independently as possible.

I think God wouldn’t have allowed for you to be born if he didn’t believe you were capable of being an active participant in your life.  And did all you “Give it to God’ broken record people notice any of the scripture that explains in great detail how you are supposed to confront situations and bring them into the light?  We are all broken in some way, and we need each other to help us stay out of the darkness where we can hide, and let our fucked up problems fester.  I am not saying you should call people out everyday all day, I just mean when it is a big problem.  I don’t think a big problem should immediately be pushed onto God’s shoulders.  And I bet you a million bucks Jesus will shake his head at you and call YOU out for being a lazy asshole when you die, if you are the type who does this with all of your issues.  Why the fuck are we on the planet??  To just have an easy going time, and to ignore problems and give it to someone else?  Luckily for you Give it to God types, there are some of us that actually deal with shit, so that you don’t have to.  God, you all make me sick.  And I bet you make God cry.  Thats right. You. You assholes who go to Church every Sunday and read your bible every night and pray all day long, but pile the tough issues you face into a package addressed to “Jesus”.  I am not saying I am a Saint, but at least I understand what the hell Jesus was saying.  If you can’t be bothered with something, then you suck and he knows it.

He will forgive you, but still.  Don’t we owe it to him to to at least attempt to handle our own problems?


4 thoughts on “Jesus Is Mad At You

  1. You’ve got an interesting perspective here. I agree that the “Give it to God” phrase is overused and often abused. What we need to remember is that God is not a Vending Machine. He’s not only there when we think we need him… He’s there all the time and a life lived in relationship with him will not be characterized by only taking certain things to him. We ought to share everything with God. Like any good relationship even if he is just a listening ear, we can “take it to God”. What people have failed to realize, and what you have pointed out, is that taking something to God does not get rid of our responsibility to live life. We can’t just throw our crap at his feet and walk away. God doesn’t work like that. He comes along side us to help us fix our own issues.

    I really liked your post, and the picture of Jesus is really funny. Check out my blog at

    • you get it! how refreshing. everyone around here that i have talked to about this looks at me like i am a devil worshipper trying to meddle with their spirituality. glad to see i am making some sense to someone out there! i will check out ur blog. right…now.

  2. I think its true on a whole for our society. Even those who don’t put the God spin on it. “its not my problem” is overused. Take responsibility and lace up your bootstraps people. Until others have waded through MY shitstorm, they can keep their canned advice. Amen

    • i hear you. i didn’t think about it like that, but yeah, it is a problem no matter whether you are christian or not. i think it can just be boiled down to cowards and brave people. as a parent or a loving family member, if you aren’t brave, your family pretty much cannot depend on you in my opinion.

      i’m glad you related to my post! thanks for reading. : )

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