Simon Cowell Complex

My husband did not like that last post about Texas.  He prefers for me to be funny, sarcastic, and silly on here. I do too, for the most part.  And I kinda thought I was in that post…guess not.  I am using this blog as a public journal, something I can turn to to unload all of my bullshit on so I am not doing it to the people in my life or to myself.  You may have noticed I have a lot to say, and it sucks to not have any friends nearby to vent to.  I guess that is why I wanted to write online rather than just write in a personal journal like I have my whole life.  I want to feel like I have a connection to the world outside of my own, that maybe someone is reading my posts and relating to them just a little or a lot. It is hard to hear someone say they don’t like something you have done, but I stand by what I am doing on here.  I may not always be hilarious, but I am always 100% honest.  I know we all crave honesty.  So many people are such big fucking liars.  It feels good to say the truth whether it is through an angry rant, a sad story, or a funny or sarcastic post.  I think just like Simon Cowell is famous for being harsh to try to push people to their full potential, my Husband was just trying to encourage me to do what I do best in his eyes, be funny.  I respect his opinion, but I won’t guarantee any thing on here because I don’t want to limit myself.

If you want funnies, go to my twitter page.  But on here, you never know what you are gonna get, because I don’t either.



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