Bless Your Bully Heart

My 2.5 year old son, Griffith has an awesome talent.  He is able to psychologically fuck with bullies so much that not only does he defeat them, he traumatizes them as well.  My husband and I noticed it started right when he turned 2.  We were at the grocery store, and a kid about the age of 6 pushed him out of his way rudely, saying “moove!”.  Griffith followed him, with a curious animal-like expression on his face.  He walked closer and closer to him, until the boy began looking nervous.  Griffith got up to his face and said, “Aww, what a cute baby.  Cute lil baby.  Aww baby.  You are cute. Cute lil.  Lil, lil baby!”  The boy looked like he had just gotten pantsed in front of a group of girls and he ran to his Mommy and said, “That baby said I am a baby!  But I am not a baby!  I am a big boy!”.  My husband and I laughed so hard for the rest of the shopping trip and on the ride home.  Then at a playground earlier this year, a little 5 year old girl shoved him down a slide because he wasn’t going down it fast enough.  She made an evil face as she did it, and I wanted to throw her over a balcony because of it.  Before I even got close enough to Griffith to see if he was okay, he ran after her and said, “You are sorry.  You are very sorry.  Aww, sweet lil girl is sorry.  Sweet girl.”  She looked at him totally pissed off, and was like, “No!  I am not sorry!  I am bigger than you!  Stop saying I am little!”.  He just kept saying it while he was shaking his head like, “bless your heart.”  I laughed so hard when that happened, that the girl’s mother saw me and glared at me.  I really don’t see what Griffith could be doing wrong.  He is not intentionally hurting or insulting anyone.  It’s like he has a built-in defense mechanism that is more powerful than anything I could ever try to teach him.

This past spring a chubby little monster child screamed in his face for no reason, again at a playground.  He stood there very fascinated, while the screaming monster boy did it again, this time to the tune of his maniacal laugher.  Griffith again stood there, with a poker face, then leaned in and screamed louder at the boy while chasing him and laughing like a hyena.  It appeared like Griff assumed they were playing a game, and he tried to play along as accurately as possible.  The monster boy looked shocked that Griffith charged him, he ran and hid behind his oblivious Father’s leg looking terrified.  Griffith ran back to me and said, “Lil boy is very sad?  Lil boy can’t play?”  The monster child heard Griffith say this, and yelled, “I am not Little!  You are little, not me!”, and his father chastised him for yelling at Griffith.  Man, my son really knows how to steal all of the power away from a bully in a heart beat.  It is so satisfying to watch.  I am sure with age, and increased awareness, my son will grow more inhibited, because that is what Humans do.  But I have a feeling he will always have an uncanny ability to simultaneously gain power and make peace with someone who is trying to attack him.  I think it is so awesome.  He is teaching me so much about conflict resolution!


One thought on “Bless Your Bully Heart

  1. That is possibly the best story I have heard in awhile!! Also, a genius way to deal with people! He just completely rocks!!

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