Um, Nevermind

I moved my blog over to tumblr a few weeks ago.  I thought it was just like wordpress over there, but more interactive, like, more of a social network.  While it is very interactive, that platform mostly feels like you took some really bad drugs and ended up in Max Headroom’s brain.  Whenever I click the “explore tumblr” button, it feels like dark clouds come overhead and dry ice fills up my office floor.  If I see one more video clip replaying over and over with an ominous quote plastered on the bottom of it, I will cry.  The words “mommy hold me” is all I can muster while I am lost in the hipster arena for all things ironic.  I feel like Pinocchio, I trusted the wrong people and now I am hammered on roofie-laced brews and growing into a donkey like creature at an alarming rate.

Now, seeing as how I am a fickle woman, I have decided to keep my tumblr account and attempt to post smaller posts that are more like extended twitter jokes, and i may also post funny/interesting photos/videos.  Knowing me, once I get up and running back on here, I will miss something about that crazy train.  But I will at all costs avoid the “explore tumblr” button, for fear that I may suffer a nervous breakdown and be unfit to care for my two small children.  I am mostly happy to come back to wordpress so that I can have easy access to fellow writers and bloggers, and for the formatting of my blogs.  I guess it is easier to post in tumblr, but it is actually too easy, if that makes any sense.

Just like a foolish spouse venturing off into an ill advised romantic affair with a younger, hipper person who ends up scary, distant, and smelly, I am coming back on my knees to you, WordPress.  Take me back!  I was wrong.  You were all I ever wanted in a blog, and all I ever needed for my writing.

I will transfer all of my posts over to here and post any extended writing pieces on here from now on.  Nice to be back.  Now I can continue neglecting my family every few hours so that I can be retarded online.


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